"The Golden Basics About Keywords"


was supposed to be the title of my upcoming blog post but I am running late with that due to a little bit of information overload in my coaching at the moment. I got the impression that there is more people in the members´ area who are experiencing something similar, but really no excuses here:

It is a lot that can be done, but Forward to Basics as Alex Jeffreys calls it in his coaching, that is ultimately the step that will build the foundation of your online marketing success.

It is good to know that there is an abundance of possibilities as long as you get the basics up and running. For me after getting the PP platform up and running, getting AWeber and Google analytics installed that is getting the first e-product out of my head.

I want my first little info product. Something of value to give away. And I do not want to outsource that.

In my report I´ll be covering what I call the golden basics about keyword research. No woo-woo-waa-waa-magic trick sort of a thing but simple to use yet powerful tips and tricks to market from the solid foundation of knowing about and having implemented the right keywords to your websites in your specific niche to attract the right kind of people to your offer. Jesus, my sentences are too long :-)

So it turns out that the blog post will not be a blog post, it will rather be a PDF-Report.. I am at page 4 and I have not yet implemented any graphics to illustrate and to convey the message. I plan to finish the raw version of the report tomorrow and will have it up and downloadable on thursday.

In the meantime I would love you to raise your hand and let me know what your questions are on the topic of keywords, keyword research and keyword analysis?

Raise your hand by leaving me a comment below.

Thanks and talk to you soon



P.S. I got interviewed. Not me interviewing someone, someone interviewed me:-) Met him on Twitter, offered my help, was asked to do an interview and here it is: http://www.imjustsharing.com/an-interview-with-mirko-gosch/